Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Airplane Encounter

So I get to travel again for work, this time to an undisclosed location.  Had my tracts ready for the airport, passed some out, one to a security officer and had a great conversation with him and another to the clerk running the shop where I bought my water and twizzlers.  Both of them appreciated the brief conversations and were not offended and thanked me for the tracts!

Next was the airplane a small plane 2 seats on each side, I had the window seat, seated next to me was a woman named Donna, I think she said she was 60 years old.  We made some small talk and were getting along.  Then we got into the air, once airborne I planned on sharing Christ with her.  I was a little nervous but than I just dived in, I gave her a Ten Commandment coin and asked her if she could name any of them, she said yes and then I asked her if she feels she has kept them and she said, "mostly."  I asked if I could ask her a few questions and she said yes, I went through the Law with her, and she agreed to lying, stealing and using Gods name as a curse word.  She also agreed she would be guilty if judged by Gods standards but she didn't believe in Hell.  She said she didn't believe in God or the Bible and that doesn't affect her.  I told her that her disbelief in reality doesn't change the fact she has to stand before God someday.  I told her the Bible says man is appointed to die once and then be judged, she again said if you believe that, and went on to talk about her son-in-law and how he was on his Bible box with her before too.  She said he tried talking to her before too.  I could tell she kinda wanted to end the conversation but I continued talking with her, I asked her how she thought the world came into existence, she said it didn't matter to her.  I pressed about Evolution and what she thought and discussed some hard evidence that Evolution is a mere theory and nothing more, she understood that I think while questioned some of my answers at the same time with a level of interest.  Donna told me she believed Eastern Arts and used to be a Methodist but just couldn't believe everything, the Bible and God said so she quit. I talked to her about that and some of my previous beliefs like iChing and Tarot Cards and other things I did at one time in my life before I was soundly saved.  I shared my testimony with her and what God has done for me.  I talked about the Bible a little more and than she said there you go again with the Bible, can't you use anything else than the Bible?  We discussed Creation more and Science more and I went on to tell her that the Bible is Supernatural and discuss prophecies that have been fulfilled and told her to research Messianc Prophecies like Psalm 22 and later parts of Isaiah, she wrote that down.  We went on to talk about contradictions in the Bible, she said there was one about homosexuals as they are not mentioned in the Bible and wrongfully accused for practicing, I remembered I Corinthians 6:9-10 when I grabbed my iPhone and went to my Bible and started finding the verses and showed her the word homosexuals, she grabbed her pen again and asked for the verse.  Man was I thankful I remembered the scripture verses.  She almost seemed to buy into what I was talking about after seeing some scripture to back some of what I was saying and I think she appreciated that I was having a friendly conversation with her about my beliefs and that I had answers.  I wasn't yelling at her or condeming her, just providing facts.  I went back and brought up death again this time she seemed to have a little more concern, at least it seemed she did.  We talked about how we never know when you will die and that is why it is so important, she spoke of a loved one in Cleveland Clinic having a bypass as we flew and questioned her eternity if things didn't go well and figured she would wait until she was there.  Again I reminded her that she may not live that long, none of us can know when we will die.

My plane ride went by really fast, even though it was a short flight, I felt very confident speaking with her about many things, Evolution, Salvation, Creation, The Law, Death, Authenticity of the Bible, Heaven and Hell and different Religions.  She gave back the Ten Commandment Coin and I pressed her to keep but she said no, when I then said well maybe you'll take one of these get out of Hell FREE cards; she looked at it and said yes.  She asked what else to look up, I mentioned a few other things, pointed out the back of the tract card had scripture and a Gospel presentation and then told her to check out our site digoutreach and she asked what DiG was and I explanied that and gave her my email address.  I told her to email me any questions she might have.  She wrote a lot down and I believe is going to research what she wrote down.  I told her to do her own homework and research with a clear mind.

Please take a minute to pray for Donna, I do not think our meeting was by chance, pray that God would reveal Himself to her and that her eyes would be opened and that God would give her a fleshy heart and remove the Stone heart she has.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to have such a great conversation and pray Donna comes to true repentance and trusts in the Savior.

Brothers and Sisters please be encouraged by this and remember what Virgil said in a previous post, store up Gods Word in your mind, as you never know when you will need to recall it and help demonstrate Gods Word and its Authnticity.


  1. Great job Ben. You definitely were at a divine appointment sitting next to her.