Thursday, February 10, 2011

Black Ops vs The Word

While playing some Catan the other night on Xbox Live, my good buddy Ben (Death is Gain) and I were talking about how much time we had spent playing Call of Duty Black Ops since it's November 9th 2010 release. Both of us had in the mid 70's worth of hours played in just the multiplayer portion of the game. We talked about how just looking at that number of hours turned into a conviction about how much of our God given time we spend on things like evangelism, prayer and reading the Bible compared to our game time. Despite the facts that we, along with other members of DiG, have taken on the task of memorizing Philippians(yes the whole thing lol) and that we use Black Ops to share Jesus with lost gamers, we still have some major convictions about the time we spend online. After careful examination of the numbers, I hope you agree that we should all make more time for God's Word. Here is a breakdown of the time that has been available, no gifted to us, since November 2010.

*93 Days

*2232 Hours (total) and counting

*520 Hours of work (based on a 40 hour work week)

*546 Hours of sleep (based on 6 hours a night)

*74.2 Hours of Black Ops Multiplayer
(SaulBecomesPaul's Total playing time)

At first glance one might say that 74, 75, even 80 hours of game playing isn't really that much when looking at the other numbers. Remember though that Ben and I are both more casual gamers than quite a bit of people on our friends list though our wives might disagree lol. Irregardless, we have many Christian friends who are way out ahead of us in prestige and rank because of the hours they have put into this game. All of that aside, here's the part that gets to the heart of the matter.

Based on someone reading the Bible a generous 5 chapters a day at roughly 5 minutes per chapter, that adds up to 38.75 hours in the Word of God for that person since November 9, 2010.

Have I read more than that? Less than that? Probably, no I'm sure, the latter. This is as much a wake up call for me as it is for any gamer reading this right now. Especially with the new First Strike map pack out for the already great Call of Duty game. I know that a lot of our readers and I will be spending time trying to learn the nooks and crannies of Kowloon, Berlin Wall, Stadium and Discovery. But what about the meat of God's Word? Shouldn't our thumbs be furiously flipping through those love filled pages in light of the times we are living in rather than wrapped around our controllers? Maybe we won't pass our playing time with time in the Word but we should be at least be getting close. The Xbox has saved us from nothing. Jesus has written your name in the book of life through His bloody death on that Roman cross. And yet our Bibles don't open. He has given you the hope of Heaven, yet we rush out to church when we can and maybe we remember to bring our Bibles with us. Something just doesn't sit right with this one guys. The Word is exciting. Dig into it. Tear into it. Learn it. Love it. Yearn for it. No Bible, no breakfast. No read, no feed. Challenge yourself to not play games longer than you read your Bible this day and every day from now on. In the end Jesus doesn't care if you know how to take the zipline on the Kowloon map but He will care if you take the time to hear what He has to say in His Word. There are many online sites that are great for getting into God's Word. Here is a list of them. (audio)
Bible Gateway
Blue Letter Bible

Proverbs 4:5 (English Standard Version)

Get wisdom; get insight;
do not forget, and do not turn away from the words of my mouth.


  1. So true Virg. Great post. It's not just gaming either folks. Do you read books? Watch TV? I bet if we add up all the hours spent doing everything else the numbers are staggering vs the time we spend in prayer and study of the Word. Just last night my wife sat down and read some book for two hours. I told her that she could have read almost 1/2 the NT in that time. Then I turned on my xbox and played games for an hour. *facepalm*

    I used to be real good at not playing until I had spent time in the Word yet I've slipped on that. Thanks for the gentle push and reminder brother.

  2. This topic is a constant battle in my mind. I'd say TV is more of a time grabber than Xbox for my wife and I. We've recently discussed dropping cable, but to be honest, the flesh screams NO... and we haven't done it yet. I know I should be spending more time in the Word and God's always dealing with me in this area. This is just another great reminder. Thanks Virg.

  3. Thank you Jesus for this site and for the people who monitor it. I have been looking for a current number of hours logged on COD Black Ops (M) but I haven't found a current update on the change of hours. The latest is 1.2 billion hours logged as of May 9, 2011. I can't fathom how many hours now since a summer in America has passed. I have been really touched by Jesus'presence about this subject when I read James chapter 4, especially verse 17.