Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not enough time...

So it's been a real long time since I posted. I have had a lot of adversity going on in my life. More than words will allow to fit in this blog, I know I mentioned in the past to update all with whats going on but I don't think its time for that quite yet, instead the message I have for you today is that no matter what you are going through, you are not going through it alone. God is right there with you and if we are to be Christ-like and obedient then we are to be good stewards for Him. We are to carry out what Christ had commanded, whether we are busy or have all the time in the world. We need to make the time to share the Gospel with everyone that we can, if you are busy or in fast paced environments and time doesn't permit for you to preach or have a 1 to 1 conversation than that is when a Gospel tract becomes a perfect message for Christ. God's Word will not return void, we have that as a promise. What we can do is carry tracts and pass them along to someone in passing, be that walking or a cashier or even through the drive through.

Lately for me its been in the Hospitals, going through parking garages and giving to attendants or placing them in the Hospital for others to find, its not about me being the messenger as much as it is about being obedient about delivering the message and allowing God to use that for His Glory. So while I do carry tracts and hand them when I can and share with folks, I also do something else twice a month. When I pay the bills, I send out tracts. If you haven't tried this method I highly encourage you to do it. When you get that junk mail every other day in your mailbox, dont rip it up or throw it away without first opening and removing the self-addressed stamped tract carrying envelope.
Every month I send out anywhere from 5-20 tracts with my bills that I mail each bill gets a tract and the free postage envelopes from the junk mail get one too, I pray for those who might open and that God would reveal Himself to them and that someone might read the Gospel for the first time or maybe the tenth time and come to true repentance. So while I have been busy and each of you in your own way, don't quit sharing the Gospel, use whatever vehicle you have, be it tracts in your pocket or tracts with your bills and junk mail or on your social media pages that we all seem to have more than enough time to loiter on. If you are discouraged or going through a tough time think about this, your adversity or tough times does not make who you are, you are who God created and you need to be ready to answer the call no matter what is going on in your life. Do not be ashamed of the Gospel, get out there and share the Gospel!


  1. Take the credit card style tracts and leave them sticking out of the atm machines. :-)
    Those are some great ideas, thank you.

  2. Love the idea of sending a tract in junk mail. Great way to turn junk into glory!

    Just this last month I was sending off my bills and I just happened to write the Aaronic Benediction (Numbers 6:22-27) on a post-it and stuck it on the bill. Never done that before and not really sure why I did it then. A few days later the guy txt'd me and said, "Thanks for the verse, I've been going through some trials lately and really needed to hear that." I called him back and we talked for about 30 minutes strengthening each other with the Word, ending w/ prayer. God is amazing!

  3. Yeah the other thing the credit cards one are good for is the gas station pumps that do the slide credit card in and out thing, pay for your gas then leave one in its place for the next customer, they will have to remove before they can put their card in, same goes with most ATMs too that don't suck your card in.