Thursday, October 4, 2012

Team DiG Extra Life 2012

Dear DiG Outreach community,

First of all, thank you for being a part of our ministry.  We appreciate all of you!  Many of you know, DiG Outreach started primarily as an outreach to gamers over Xbox Live. We started sending out the gospel message to teams that we played over Gamebattles and that then carried over into our regular gaming sessions where we would shoot out the good news to all of the people on our recent players list.  With gaming being such a huge part of our ministry, we were ecstatic when we heard about Extra Life four years ago.  Extra Life is a 24 hour video game marathon for charity that helps sick kids and DiG is proud to be a part of this amazing event on a yearly basis.  We have set very high goals for ourselves this year so we are looking to everyone that we know for help in reaching these goals. The event takes place on the 20th of October so there is still time to help us out and be a part of this great charity. We ask today that you would prayerfully consider sponsoring one or more of our participants.  Last year, gamers worldwide raised over 1.2 million dollars for these children! With your help we can crush that goal this year!  Ben, John, and I have raised $4100 this year alone!! Praise God! Just so you know, all proceeds are 100% tax deductible and go towards helping sick kids at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  Below are the links to our 2 participants' fundraising pages. Ben is playing for Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Ohio, John is playing for Georgia Health Sciences Children's Medical Center,  and Virgil is playing for CHOC(Children's Hospital of Orange County) in Southern California.  To donate all you have to do is click SUPPORT ME.  That is the easy part.  Ben, John, and I get to do the fun part.  It's the kids who are doing the hard part!  Thank you so much everyone.  Remember, any amount is great and appreciated.  If that is too much for your budget, prayer is free.  Lastly, if this sounds like something you would like to participate in in a gaming capacity please feel free to join up with our team for the event!! God bless you all.  Team DiG.

To sponsor Ben visit:

To Sponsor Virgil visit:

To Sponsor John visit:

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