Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Big Planet 2 Witnessing

In the day and age we are living in it makes sense to get the gospel out any way we can. Satan uses technology to reach the lost so we need to fight him there. He of course can't be everywhere like God can so he has to use tools. Media ie, internet, games, movies, music, news, etc all serve satan to keep the lost...well lost. So let's reach them in the areas satan let's them hide behind. Here is a level I made on Little Big Planet 2. I would encourage you all to use gaming as a means to reach those who need to hear the gospel. Don't worry about rep or being reported. Fear of man won't do anyone any good. Be bold for the Lord. If you guys have LBP2, please search for Million Dollar? by SaulBecomesPaul and play it and heart it. You will receive the million dollar bill tract for your own use as a gift! God bless, SbP.

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