Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Omegle Witnessing 3

this one was long but very interesting. i kept the conversation in the natural for a long time and it seems as if i gave him just enough salt to finally thirst. he then asks the question about believing in God. Now this person didn't fall down and cry out for God then and there but notice at the end how he sincerely thanked me as did the person in the first Omegle witnessing post. He definitely has something to ponder. Pray for him. Good times. great conversation.

Stranger: hi there! :)
You: hey! back! :)
Stranger: What's happenin? :D
You: not too much. got 2 hours left of work. this site helped me through the night lol
Stranger: hahaha that's cool!
You: ya this is the first time ive used it. its kinda bizarre
Stranger: Dont you get annoyed with people here always saying "asl"
Stranger: i hate it!
You: lol ya then when i tell them they just leave anyway so go figure
Stranger: yeahh thats true..
Stranger: so what do you do in your work?
You: i work at a refinery. im homer simpson right now lol
Stranger: That's so cool!
You: ya not bad, how bout you
Stranger: I'm a student actually..
You: college
Stranger: almost.. im about to graduate high school
You: nice. are you planning on going to college? i never went. i went into the air force
Stranger: Yeah i'm hoping to get into a college..
Stranger: How was the air force for you?
You: pretty cool. my job was pretty crazy. i climbed 90 foot tall telephone poles to work on antennas lol
Stranger: That must have been awesome!
You: looking back its kinda nuts haha
Stranger: did you have like a harness or something?
You: well most of the poles had steps after 20' but ya you had a leather strap that wrapped around the pole
You: so what on earth is a student doing up at this hour on this crazy site??? lol
You: you still there?
Stranger: Oh sorry! yeah im still here!
Stranger: its not that late where im at
Stranger: hehe
You: cool lol. so do you go to church or something? you seem really nice
Stranger: Haha its just my nature.
Stranger: but thanks though!
Stranger: you seem really cool!
You: well i used to be a real jerk before i met Jesus. what do you know about Jesus?
Stranger: Im a Catholic so i may know some things about him.. haha
You: cool i was raised catholic. i pretty much went away from all things God for a long time. my daughter got sick 6 years ago and Jesus found me. (people always say the found Him but He was never lost lol)
Stranger: That is sooo nice to hear :)
Stranger: Is your daughter doing well now? :)
You: ya its awesome. there's nothing more important in this life than repenting and trustin in Him. once we are goine its too late.
You: ya she's all good. 10 years old in feb
You: heres my testimony if you are interested
You: my buddy and i started digoutreach as a way to reach gamers for Christ
Stranger: you started this? Woah this is actually awesome
You: ya my buddy is an computer guy but some of the ideas and stuff were mine. God has been good to our site for sure
You: if you have an email address i can sign you up for the DiG Verse of the Day lol
Stranger: Sure thing! it's ************
Stranger: Thanks man
You: no problem. its been good chattin with you. remember, nothing is more important than your eternal salvation. like ecclesiastes advises in chapter 12 verse 1 Remember your Creator
in the days of your youth,
[b]Stranger: Hmm.. can i ask a question?
You: you just did lol ya go ahead
Stranger: Haha oh yeahh. so anyway.. Right now, i don't believe in God as much as i'm expected to.. is that okay? i mean i really do not do anything wrong.. i dont do vices or anything bad like what the other people my age do in my country..[/b]
You: if you were in court and had to pay a 300 million dollar fine or you would go to jail. the judge is staring at you , the defense has rested. youre guilty and going to jail not ifs and or buts. right before the judge strikes the gavel someone you dont even know comes in and says his fine is paid. i gave everything so he doesnt have to be punished. How would you feel about that person?
Stranger: about the person who paid the fine or the one condemned to go to jail?
You: say you are the one condemned how would you feel toward the person who paid your fine. a fine you could never pay
Stranger: Really happy, i think..
Stranger: actually, i know..
You: right and you should. now how much more should you be happy, grateful even that Jesus did that for you in terms of heaven and hell. we broke the law by either lying or stealing, looking with lust, hating or blaspheming. God's gavel is coming down. the punishment is hell. Jesus steps in and paid our fine on the cross. he rose again three days later defeating death so if you repent and trust in him you can go to heaven. you are young so seeing eternity as the gift or reason to follow Jesus might be hard. but thats the promise. an eternity in heaven in spite of the fact that we are so sinful. he will forgive everything. that should more than enough be a reason to not only believe in Him but follow Him with all your heart. We dont know when we are going to die so we always need to be ready. does that make sense?
Stranger: Actually yeah
You: those links are great for seeing exactly whey we need God
Stranger: haha alright
You: i know it wouldnt be a popular decision among your family and friends but repenting and trusting in Jesus is the best thing you will ever do my friend. trust me. ive tried the party life the booze the women its all just empty and it makes you empty. knowing your name is written in the book of Life is the most fulfilling thing you can have
Stranger: Thanks man
Stranger: Really thanks :)
You: no problem. do you have a bible
You: ?
Stranger: yeah of coures! i study in a Jesuit school actually
You: nice. i would recommend reading it and listening to what it says. start in the Gospel of John and read a chapter a day. it will change you, He will change you. if you are on the computer you can go to and read there too!
Stranger: Alright :D
You: well have a blessed day my friend. i will be praying for you. if you want to commit fully to Jesus and dont know what to say to Him, Psalm 51 is a great place to start. that was David's psalm where he was basically saying sorry to God for breaking all 10 commandments :)
Stranger: You too! have a blessed day! and thank you so much! :)
You: no problem, it was a joy to talk to you and share Christs love!! take care!
Stranger: You too man :)

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