Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebrity Tragedy

Another celebrity didn't announce their allegience to Scientology and no, nobody died. However, there was a celebrity tragedy at my son's high school graduation yesterday at Norco High School here in California. The tragedy was a shortage of celebrity million dollar bill Gospel tracts from! On our way out the door I grabbed a stack of about 70 of these tracts that I had left over from the Ambassador's Academy. I pretty much had bought these for the Hollywood portion of our class. It wasn't till I got to the stadium that I realized the previously mentioned tragedy. I could have given away thousands of these things if I had them!! I stood right behind the people who were passing out the graduation programs with my little stack of bills. People already had the mindset to take what was handed to them so one after the next took what I offered them. The only problem was how quickly I ran out! I already have it in my mind to set this up as an annual "fishing" spot. If I can get a ticket to get in and just get to my spot behind the program guy again, I'm sure I can give out stacks of these next time. The other idea I had was for my wife to pass out the tracts and I could field the one-to-one conversations if anyone asks, "what is this?" I don't know if the graduations have passed already for you guys in your area. If they are still upcoming, try to get out there and do some fishin'. If the graduations where you live are passed, mark the calendar for next year and have some stacks'o'tracts at the ready!

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