Saturday, June 5, 2010

A local fishing pond...

So today thanks to Virgil noticing there was someone from Cleveland area from Ambassador Alliance, I met up w some fellow Fishers of Men.

What a blessing to walk into this Church and meet folks and feel like I have known them for a long time, I had breakfast and shared recent experiences and we all fellowshipped and then we prayed.

Next everyone headed out, some home and others to the fishing pond, ther was a big truck exhibit at Lakewood Park and so we headed there to hand out tracts and have one on one conversations.

I had some really great conversations that were genuine and you knew the Lord was working on their heart right there. What a blessing! Well looks like the Lord has answered one of my prayers about finding fellow fishers and a pond as they do this reguraly.

God bless and be encouraged to get out ther and share the Gospel!


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Location:Lakewood Park

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  1. awesome ben, glad i stumbled upon that guys blog from the site!