Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rocking on the River

So tonight I got to be a part of 31 evangelists who went to Front street mall in Cuyahoga Falls to share the Gospel with an estimated 8000 people that were supposed to be there.

I knew big things were gonna happen tonight because there was a lot of adversity in getting there to begin with... traffic, construction we think an accident then 3 parking garages later and several streets down we found a parking spot.

We started handing out tracts and Paul who rode with me got up on the box and did a great job and had someone heckle him for a little bit and you would see people stop and listen to responses.

Beth and Aaron also got up on box to preach and several people gathered to listen while others made rude comments as they passed by.

One amazing thing was a 12 year old boy, Isaiah who stopped Beth after she was done and wanted to know how to get right with God and Beth was able to talk and pray with him.


I did not get on the box but I did get to have several really solid conversations in a one to many scenario and passed a lot of tracts out. A lot of people heard the Gospel tonight!

Tonight after Paul and I were done I needed dinner so I went to Little Caesars to get a ready made $5 pizza for my 10'o clock dinner and I ran into an old friend who I have been praying for over the last 2 years. He was with his girlfriend and I was able to talk to them for about 40 minutes and share the Gospel with them and answer some questions they had. I invited them to Church on Sunday as I will be preaching and thought thy might be more comfortable coming when they know someone there.

Praise God, pray for all the seeds that were planted tonight. Pray that God uses this night to soften hearts and reveal Himself to them.

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  1. good stuff ben, wish i coulda gone!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the picture while I prayed with Isaiah. This is a treasure for me. Praise God!