Sunday, June 27, 2010


So today while I was tending to my yard and pulling some very large, ignored weeds. God gave me this message to share with you all.
Weeds are like sin, that come into your yard (life) whether you fertilize or not and do not require any assistance or food from you to grow and quickly take over your yard or life. If we do not keep our life protected, maintained and focused on Christ
Sin can quickly come into our lives.

You see weeds are prickly and drown out and kill the good things they are around. While they do not require extensive root systems, some do have deep roots. When we think we have pulled it out we really only took the surface portion. Weeds just need a place to grow, doesn't matter if it's rocks, mulch or grass. Sin is the same way, if your guard is not up it will quickly take root in your life.

You see weeds are ugly just like our sin in Gods sight. God doesn't want us to just scrape and remove the surface portion of our sin, He wants us to go for the roots, dig deep to find that root and make sure it gets removed all the way from your life.
When we remove the weed from the ground it cannot sustain on its own and quickly shrivels and dies.

This is how our sin is and we need to not get lazy and relaxed in our walk with Christ. We need to perform spiritual weeding of our lives and make sure we have the Tree of Life growing in us.
Let me encourage you to examine yourselves daily and keep your roots firmly planted in our Creator. Do you have any weeds that you need to remove from your life?

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