Monday, June 7, 2010

My Next Step - a sermon by Pastor Geoff Schultz

So my Pastor over at North Olmsted Friends Church preached an amazing sermon on False Idols just yesterday.  So amazing that I think we all need to hear it, but before you do I wanted to give you the meat because I think we need to think long and hard about this.

Pastor Geoff focused on the second commandment - false idols.  He had some great quotes, one specifically from Martin Luther - " You cannont break any other commandment without breaking the second one first."  Pastor Geoff than went on to say "anything that takes precendence over God is an idol."

Geoff went on to ask a series of questions to help determine where you are at in your life with this commandment.  "What is taking precendence over God in your life?"  The questions go like this in order asked:

"What are you disappointed with?"
"What do you sacrifice time and money for?"
"What do you worry about or what are you afraid of?"
"Where do you go when you get hurt or need comfort?"
"What makes you mad?"
"What do you dream of or what do you get excited about?"
"What brings you the most joy?"
"Whose applause do you long for?"

These are some serious questions folks, I haven't fully answered them all or given them the time they need but its on my plate.  Pastor Geoff closed by asking, "what God will you choose to follow?"

This was a really great sermon and I have really been appreciating my Pastor and his heart for Gods Law.

follow the link below to listen to this sermon:
Crush the idols

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  1. I listened to it on my way to work this morning and it was a great message. I'd encourage everyone to download it and give it a listen.