Saturday, June 19, 2010

Siren - An audible noise to alert those who help those in need...

So I have been on vacation this week in a small town called Bemus Point in New York. It has been very relaxing with the family. I have looked down at my don't quit bracelet several times and been reminded that no matter where I am I need to answer the call and share with people. So everytime I leave the condo I make sure that I have tracts in pocket and that I find somewhere or some person to give them too.

One store I went to with my family for souveniers became a place to pass out tracts. As we were leaving I gave the owner a Million dollar bill and she thought it was the neatest thing! The next thing I knew I was giving one each to the others in line behind me and they all took one and were amazed at it. I pray that they took time to read it and share with someone else too!

One night I got to have dinner with my boys so we found that the Are you a good person mini tract are about the size of sugar packets so we placed one there for the next person needing sugar and tipped the waitress well and also gave a million dollar bill. Then as we left the restaurant I gave a Million dollar bill to each table that had customers sitting there. Some thanked me while others looked with terror as I approached them and gave them a tract. I pray these folks will also read them.

While we have been here we have heard this siren in the background from time to time each day. At first I was like is that a air raid siren? It was really loud and made me think of movies where there was an air raid taking place. Then one time I looked at clock and it was noon, I was thinking it was like a Church bell sounding at noon. I dismissed it but would continue to hear at different times of the day each day so I dismissed the clock reference. While at a gift shop I asked the owner and she said it was to alert the volunteer fire and ems crews that their was a emergency. The siren is so loud so that the volunteers can hear it from anywhere they are at within the city.

I kept thinking about that siren and how it was becoming part of the background noise, only now I was starting to pray for those in need and those on the way to get there safely and to help those in need. Then I realized that while I was becomming use to hearing that siren and it becoming part of the background noise now that I knew what it was, it dawned on me that this is how most Christians are with the lost. They hear this noise, have this drive to reach and share with the lost, but over time it becomes background noise and they stop sharing their faith with others. So I wondered what if we all heard this loud siren that I heard this week and it was to alert each of us to the 150,000 people that are dying and may or may not know Christ and have not gotten right with Him. What would we do? Would we hear that call or would we ignore it?

So I decided that I will continue to use my Don't Quit bracelet as a reminder since I can't make that siren sound all the time to keep me from getting lazy with sharing the lost. What will you use as a constant reminder about sharing with the lost? Maybe a bracelet or something you can carry with you? Maybe you will just look at every person and crowd differently and wonder if they are in fact saved or doomed to Hell?

While reading and studying at night this week I came across these words from the book "Evangelism in the New Testament" that rea
lly fell in line with this post and thought I would share as it can be very convicting and make you wonder why that siren becomes backround noise to some alerting them to those that are perishing around them and do nothing....

"Is it because of our fear for our own comfort, our own safety? Have those fears ever been endorsed as valid reasons to refrain from preaching the gospel, biblically speaking? Of course not. If fears paralyze us, in any kind of evangelism, it is because we do not have adequate love for the Lord or for the lost? (1 John 4:7-21)

Don't quit, wherever you are, whatever you are doing or going through, Don't quit! Persevere.


  1. Awesome post Ben!! The bracelet is a great reminder. Going around making a siren noise reminded me of Patrick from spongebob. Wee-woo wee-woo. Lol. (hall monitor episode)

  2. Lord, we lift up those tracts that Ben handed out. We know that you will continue to nourish that seed. We ask that you will place more people in their path that will lead them to you oh Lord and your perfect sacrifice, Yeshua ha Mashiach!

    Good stuff Ben. Good to hear from you again too!