Friday, June 11, 2010

A Night Worthy of Being a DiG Game Night

Last nights DiG game night was just an amazing time. It wasn't only because of the great fellowship and the fun gameplay, or even seeing all the DiG clan tags lined up six deep. It was how many people received the Gospel message in some form or another. Just as Ben, who is Death is Gain on Xbox, sent me an invite to join the DiG room, I was just finishing up a one-to-one conversation about Jesus with another player. That seemed to fire both Ben and myself up for making it a witnessing night on Call of Duty. Not only that, but Ben had already told me earlier in the day that his goal was to read the Gospel from the back of a Way of the Master tract during an intermission. I wanted to do something similar which is called "stoplight" preaching. That usually takes place at a stoplight(duh lol). But another reason it's called stoplight that you usually have about 40-60 seconds at a red light to tell the waiting pedestrians about the Law, sin-transgression of the Law, future Judgment, punishment, then finally God's grace and what Jesus did to save us from Hell if we repent and put our trust in Him. This is a great fit for Modern Warfare 2 lobbies between matches because you have about a minute while everyone reorganizes there weapon loadouts. On top of these two times preaching the Gospel, Ben helped me get through a one-to-one conversation with a fish who wouldn't quite bite on the bait of the "Good Person Test". Nevertheless, the Gospel was put out there and the others in the room got to hear it as well. Then to top it all off, we sent out a good 100-150 witnessing messages to our recent players which is like handing out 50 tracts at a time. Praise God for the technology that enables Ben and I to encourage each other to keep using our Ambassador's Academy training and for us being able to use it to share with this lost generation of gamers!! Use any and every method you can to witness to someone this week! God bless, SaulBecomesPaul/Virg.

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