Thursday, June 10, 2010

Magnet and a Million

For those in Southern California or who listen to Pastor Greg Laurie, you may know that he does a Harvest Crusade every year in Anaheim. They usually start giving out bumper stickers, posters, fliers, etc a couple months in advance. So, last weekend at church there was a table with all of those things plus stacks of 25 magnets. I asked if I could take a whole stack and they replied, "sure." And with that, the Magnet and a Million idea came to life. I paired each of the 25 magnets with one million dollar bill tract from living waters and decided that I would go to my 25 closest neighbors' houses to give them this little gift pack. Of course this ends up being tougher than I thought between petrified housewives and scary dogs lol. But praise God that the Gospel message entered 25 households! I didn't get to engage in too many one-to-one conversations because I had presented the pack as a gift so people took it and shut the door but at least the message made it inside. I did manage to engage in conversation with a city worker and made it through the Gospel message verbally with him and his co-worker heard it too as he kept working nearby. I ask you guys for prayer for the tracts that did make it into a house. If it was a Christian household, pray that the magnet and my gesture will be reminder for them to share the Gospel with people or at least take an unsaved friend or family member to the crusade on August 6-8. For the Gospel tracts that made their way into unsaved households, please pray that the message will speak to them and that they will repent and trust in Jesus. If you are in the SoCal area, mark your calendar for the Harvest Crusade and make sure you take an unsaved person with you and remember it's not just a concert for Christians(that drives me crazy!). In the meantime, you don't need to wait for Greg Laurie to fulfill the Great Commission for you. Go out and share your faith with someone today!

Southern California Harvest 2010 with Greg Laurie

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