Monday, July 26, 2010

An Interesting Find-Entry 1

Beginning of Story

Well, as expected the translator was late. That being the case, he was only able to interpret the first page of the journal we found yesterday before we had to wrap things up for the day. The Hebrew text was barely visible on the ash covered parchment. Eli was able to make out what was on it anyway thanks to the tools that had accompanied him in a small pouch around his waist. The old parchment read, "Life is good. God is so great. I just got back from checking on my livestock. The thousands of sheep made for an interesting shadow as the sun appeared. Now it's time to go make my burnt offerings for the sins my children may have committed. They seem to take turns having these feasts in their homes. Hopefully by doing so they have not cursed God in their hearts! My God has blessed us with so much. Praise Him." I don't know who this guy was but it sounds like he had good reason to praise his God. Wonder what he would write if things were bad. Hope to find out some more tomorrow.


  1. If we hit 10 comments, ill release the next one today also. tell your friends! make sure they start at the beginning

  2. Pretty cool!

    Sounds like a story about Job.