Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Interesting Find-Entry 7

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Very bad news today. I don't even know where to begin so I'll just say it. Eli was killed in a terrorist attack at our hotel. He was only in his late 20's. If what my friend David said is correct, Eli is not going to Heaven. I know he had never repented and put his trust in Jesus because we have been talking about things of that nature. Eli believed there was a God but belief is not enough. David made sense when he told me that belief in a parachute won't save you if you jumped from a plane. Only putting it on and using it will save you. All of this has really made me consider how short that life really is. It's like David said, "We need to make the most of the few and meaningless days that we pass through like a shadow while we are here." As angry as he made me a few days ago, I can't get this need for repentance and forgiveness out of my head. My conscience is really driving me crazy since we found out about Eli. We truly can't live like we want and then hope we have time to decide to live for God at the end. We never know when we are going to die.