Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Interesting Find-Entry 4

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Haven't found much else at the site besides this journal. Work is slow on the translation since Eli got a hold of some bad falafel. He went back to the Shaharut Inn to get some rest. That gave me some time to call my mom. I asked her if she knew who this journal might belong to, if the story sounded familiar to her. She said it did but that dad always read the Bible more than she did. He had went home to be with the Lord, as she put it, 5 years ago. With her it's always either, "Jesus loves you" or "you're a sinner headed for Hell." Neither of those have ever really made sense to me. I will have to call my friend David tomorrow. I tried getting in touch with him. Apparently he was off to some crazy evangelism academy in Hollywood. That's weird. He's never shared his faith with people, not even me. Now his wife says he's spent the last 3 days on a box with a microphone. O well. Off to check on Eli.

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