Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An interesting Find-Epilougue

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Every day since his fathers death, Daniel regretted ignoring the daily phone calls from his dad. He was in his parents old house, digging through the items not scorched by the fire. He reached down in the ashes and pulled out a journal his father had kept. A few hours later Daniel stood shaking and weeping in the local church waiting to talk to somebody, anybody. The pastor finally came out. Daniel looked at the pastor, held up the journal and said, "I want faith like this. I want to see my father again someday." The pastor explained the same things to Daniel that were explained to his father by David. Daniel cried out to God for forgiveness. He repented and put his faith and trust in Jesus that day. When he went home to his wife she was ecstatic. She had come to Christ through talking with Daniel's dad but could not get her husband to budge. Finally he had seen the light and was born again. That was not the only good news that day. They were to have a son. They would name him Job.

It turns out the journal that had belonged to Daniel's father was a very interesting find. Maybe this story has been an interesting find for you. Perhaps it has encouraged you to persevere through a trial. We can't throw Jesus to the side during tough times, the Bible promises we will have them. We stick with Jesus because by His blood our names are written in the Book of Life. Maybe you will share the Gospel more freely than you would have before because you now realize the urgency of the message. It's super important to share our faith because people die at a rate of 150,000 every day. Some of these people are our friends and family who need to know the truth. Some are strangers who need Jesus and don't know why. They think Jesus is for people who need happiness not righteousness. Will you tell them about the Jesus in the Bible and not the worldly Jesus? You could be their interesting find. If you are unsaved and came across this, I hope you see the need for repentance and trust in Jesus because the story explained what sin actually is, transgression of God's Law. I thank you guys for sticking with the story. Job was completely surrendered to God. As you can see, many amazing things can happen through one surrendered life. Will you be that surrendered life today?

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