Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Cross

So I have been wanting to try and do some Cross walking after hearing about it from Tony Miano at AA 15. I recently met Mark who is a local Cross walker by me. Talking to him inspired me and encouraged me to make my own Cross.
So I have been thinking how and what to make it out of and when I was going to do it. So two nights ago I had to go Home Depot and while I was there I figured I would look for some supplies to build a cross. Low and behold down the molding and trim aisle I found two boards that had been cut by someone else and were jut sitting there... Hmm I thought that's odd. One was 7 foot and the other 3 foot. Wood, check next was letters I got all that I needed and away I went.
So having the parts in hand I started get more nervous and afraid. I knew I shouldn't be afraid and that fear is of the enemy not something from God but let's face it I still have some fear. So I sent Tony a message and asked for some prayer and direction, next day I get a call from Tony and we had a wonderful conversation and he confirmed what I think I needed to hear from someone else. I have a fear of man- a fear of what they could, would say, think etc especially in my community. Not that I wanted to but it was there. That confirmed it I cannot have fear of man, I had to go out with my cross and overcome this fear.
So today I assembled and got my Cross ready, for some reason while I was building I had a particular interaction in mind about 15 minutes away. So now the Cross is ready

and I decide I need to go now not later.
So I headed to 82 and Lorain where I pictured while building, on my way there I knew Virgil was praying and remembered hearing Tony telling me to text him before I go and he would pray for me, so I did.
What came next was sitting in my car waiting to get out and go. I prayed again and then decided I couldn't wait any longer. I got out and grabbed my Cross and headed for the corner.
So there I was I had my bag with my Bible and tracts in case I had a chance to share. I stood there and listened to the birds singing, the wind and the sound of the cars and motorcycles, lots of motorcycles tonight. I stood what seemed like a long time at first but was only a few minutes while standing thinking and wondering how long was I going to stand there a convertible full of adults drove by giving me thumbs up and saying praise God! Wow I got energized right there and wanted to stay longer. I then had a couple more cars go by and few more thumbs up and a few people pointing at me. I prayed for them, I prayed their hearts would be softened and that God would work in their lives and that conversations about being ready might be taking place. I kept thinking one more traffic light and then there was a bunch of cars so I would do another and another. Next thing I knew about 25 minutes had gone by and I was feeling great and obedient for getting out there.
When I got home I was greeted by my wife, Leah who quickly asked how it went and told me that her and the boys were praying for me. I was so grateful she is supporting me in this area of my ministry. I shared my experience and then went in to tell my boys! They were jazzed!
I know my fear was conquered tonight, but I also know that like handing out a tract in the beginning it is very scary and nerve racking, but you do it anyway because it's not about you but about those who don't know where they are going or those who think they are safe and don't realize they are heading for Hell. Remember Hell is full of people who know who God is. We need to get out there and educate them as many different ways possible and warn them of their immanent doom if they do not change their ways. I plan on using this Cross and finding places to stand and will continue to ask for prayers and direction of where to stand.
Thank you Tony for helping me realize my fear and encouraging me to get over it, it felt really good to serve the Lord and overcome fear!

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  1. Courage on the 4th of July. . . a worthy endeavor for our worthy Lord!

  2. good job ben, cross turned out great!

  3. Way to go dude!

    You have the same inspiration folks that I had in constructing my cross.

    Keep up the good work in the Lord!