Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Interesting Find-Entry 8

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Well there was nothing more to find out there. Headed home to the see family. Talked with a very nice ex-sheriff at the airport today when I landed in D.C. He had just got in from L.A. and was on his way to Baltimore. We talked for a bit. He reaffirmed what my friend Dave had told me. He told me that my sins separated me from God and that Jesus took my sins upon Himself on the cross. I at least knew what sins I had committed after talking with David so this guy made a lot of sense. It was different hearing this from someone besides a friend or family member. He said to start reading my bible. He says that with my being an Archaeologist, I will be amazed at how discoveries prove, not disprove the Bible. I can't believe that all this time I've been in a profession that consistently proves the Book I never believed in. He said it's the same with Scientists. Crazy. What's more crazy is that I was crying in the airport. My wife will never believe it. She will also never believe that I repented and put my faith and trust in Christ after talking with this stranger in passing. I don't even know how to tell her after all I've put her through as believing wife married to me, an unbelieving husband. I can't wait to talk to her! I should have called her about the journal we found anyway. At the time I didn't want to talk Bible with her. Now it's all I can think to talk with her about. She's been faithfully praying for me and trying to tell me all of these things for over 20 years.

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