Monday, July 26, 2010

An Interesting Find-Entry 2

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The lack of running water today seemed like a small issue after we learned some more of what it said in the journal we found. This guy who seemed to have everything really had a bad day according to Eli's translation here. Check this out, "These sores are all over my skin. Using this pottery to scrape them isn't helping. These are nothing compared to what happened yesterday. The wife and I lost everything. The kids, the servants, the animals, all of it! My wife says I should curse God and die. I told her that we have to accept trouble from Him as well as good. I will not sin by charging God with any wrongdoing." Wow, this guys faith is amazing. I had always heard that God had a wonderful plan for my life. If I had accepted this "wonderful plan" and something like this happened to me I doubt I would have been so faithful to God. If this message of a wonderful plan isn't the actual message, I wonder what is? What does this guy know that enables him to stay so faithful?


  1. Doug made me an offer I couldn't refuse so here's the third part of the story! My offer on the previous part stands but i will accept no more deals lol. enjoy!

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  3. Sounds a lot like this one guy I've read about...

    He knows about the Love and blessings of God Almighty, that's what!
    And everyone can save their thank yous... we know he would have posted it anyway!! ;)

  4. oooh, oooh, pick me, pick me! I think I know who it is. :)
    I want to know what offer Doug purposed that you couldn't refuse though. :)