Monday, July 12, 2010

Obedient Rewards

So tonight at our Upper Room service Pastor Karen was sharing about "what is our witness" and what do we do to show and share our witness. We talked about what it looks like, it was a great service and included audience participation about ideas and what people thought.

Well then Pastor Karen went on to talk about how a friend of hers had inspired her after reading his blog. She then went on to read excerpts from my blog post - my cross. She kept me nameless and you could see how moved people were, some were moved to tears including myself. As I sat behind my sound board I felt so utterly blessed that I impacted someone through an act of obedience to go stand on a corner with a cross. I had no idea that a church service would be inspired and shared with those in attendance from my standing on a corner with my cross. To think I was afraid of man, man's response to me being faithful to my God.  So many others have this fear of man, that's why people don't step out and share mostly. They are afraid of what people are going to think how they will act to them speaking about their Creator.

What happened next was Karen showing a short clip of Tony Miano on the corner with his cross. It was really amazing!

You see last Wednesday Karen worked with the youth to build crosses after reading this blog about my cross, and God gave her a plan to encourage Upper Room attendees to go public as a testimony of God, get out there and be bold for Christ!

So thats exactly Karen did, she showed pictures of the kids crosses and challenged the congregation to be a witness and take a cross home and go somewhere public and stand for the Lord, take your cross and follow Him. It didn't take long, one man was quick to take that cross and will report back his experience.  Upper Room is going to track cross walking testimonies through a Facebook page.

Well folks that's all for now, next time you think about bailing out on something for God, because you are afraid of what others will think, think about what God says about being ashamed of Him - Mark 8:38, think again, your obedience can be used by God however He sees fit but only if you answer the call. He chose to use one person to impact many and challenge others to be bold
and conquer their fear. What will happen when all of us are obedient?

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  1. "What will happen when all of us are obedient?" amazing things my friend, amazing things.

  2. Great so see what's taking place out your way Ben. Who knows how wide the impact will go. It's awesome to think about!